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BackaBuddy Introduces 0% Platform Fees for Non-Profits in South Africa

BackaBuddy, South Africa's leading donations-based crowdfunding platform, is reshaping the landscape of online fundraising with an announcement that promises to elevate the efforts of registered non-profit organisations nationwide. 

Effective immediately, BackaBuddy is launching a 0% platform fee for registered non-profit organisations utilising the platform for their fundraising campaigns. Therefore, the only fees incurred when non-profits receive donations on the platform,  are the payment gateway fees, which include PayPal, SnapScan, Instant EFT, and credit card charges.

In a bold bid to empower charities to extend their reach and better serve their beneficiaries, BackaBuddy's 0% platform fee initiative extends to both charities that are already raising funds on the platform and registered organisations yet to begin their crowdfunding journey.

This forward-looking move by BackaBuddy acknowledges the ever-growing needs of charitable causes alongside the constraints of available resources, setting the stage for a transformative shift in the world of charitable crowdfunding.

“It is very appealing for us to work with a 0% platform fee crowdfunding organisation like BackaBuddy. This approach ensures that the NGOs receive the full value of each donation, enabling us to allocate resources more effectively toward our causes. Donors, by giving a tip demonstrate their commitment to the NGO’s mission and contribute not only to the cause itself but also to the organization’s operational sustainability. The Avela Foundation is a very small NGO and having the total commitment from our donors is huge. This model fosters a strong sense of collaboration and transparency as well” - says Cami Palomo, Founder of the Avela Foundation, an organisation that advocates for burn survivors.

Elevating Communities Through Unparalleled Support

Non-profit organisations are the unsung champions of our society, answering the call for help amid adversity. These indispensable entities are witnessing a surge in demand for their services in the face of economic hardships, environmental challenges, and educational gaps. BackaBuddy is resolutely committed to addressing these pressing concerns.

A Legacy of Empowerment

BackaBuddy NPC has been a steadfast advocate of generosity, empathy, compassion, and kindness throughout South Africa, since launching in 2015. Through the collective efforts of the donor community, BackaBuddy has raised over R445 Million through +485 000 donations, extending support to +9,000 charities (including notable organizations such as Gift of the Givers, The South African Bone Marrow Registry, and Rainbows And Smiles). Furthermore, it has supported more than 54,000 individual causes in raising funds.

CEO of BackaBuddy, Patrick Schofield, emphasized the platform's steadfast commitment: 

“Our mission at BackaBuddy is to provide campaign creators with the best support and platform to raise the funds they need. Behind the scenes, our highly knowledgeable team offers advice, guidance, verification, and marketing support. Furthermore, for our donors, our team and platform provide the reassurance and impact updates that show their contributions are utilized responsibly and make a meaningful difference.” 

Empowering Charitable Impact 

Non-profit organizations eager to harness the power of BackaBuddy's 0% platform fee can effortlessly register and activate their campaigns. 

 For more information, please contact Zane Groenewald- 082 602 0735 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zane Groenewald, BackaBuddy

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