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Introducing #Classifieds: A Game-Changing Service for South African Nonprofits

 #Classifieds is a dynamic platform designed to bridge the gap between nonprofit organisations and skilled service providers.

South African nonprofits now have a dedicated space to discover and connect with professionals who can assist them in their critical work. Conversely, experienced nonprofit service providers can showcase their expertise, helping nonprofits achieve their mission-driven goals.

What Can You Find on #Classifieds?

  • Nonprofit Lawyers: Legal experts specialising in nonprofit law, ready to offer guidance and support.
  • Accountants: Financial professionals with a deep understanding of nonprofit accounting and compliance.
  • Web Developers: Tech-savvy communications experts, skilled in creating and maintaining nonprofit websites.
  • Tech Support: IT professionals equipped to handle the unique challenges faced by nonprofits.
  • Fundraisers: Experts in securing vital funding for nonprofit projects and initiatives.
  • Mental Health Support: Counselors and mental health professionals dedicated to the well-being of nonprofit teams.
  • Organisation Development Experts: Specialists in strategic planning and nonprofit capacity building.

This newly launched service is set to become the go-to resource for South African nonprofits seeking a diverse range of services to enhance their impact. #Classifieds offers a platform that fosters collaboration, fosters growth, and ultimately strengthens the South African nonprofit sector.

How Does #Classifieds Work?

Nonprofit organisations and service providers alike can easily access #Classifieds through the Hashtag Nonprofit website. Service providers can purchase a subscription and share detailed listings showcasing their skills and experience, while nonprofit organisations can search and connect with the perfect partners to advance their mission free of charge.

Hashtag Nonprofit is proud to introduce #Classifieds as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting South African nonprofits. By creating this platform, we aim to facilitate partnerships that drive social change and make a lasting impact in communities across the nation.

Ruen Govinder

Founder and Executive Director, Hashtag Nonprofit

Ruen Govinder is the founder and director of Hashtag Nonprofit. She has over 20 years of experience in consulting and managing online communications and technology for the development sector. She produced a series of e-books on communications strategies for nonprofits, and has worked with clients across Africa and in the United States.

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