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Is your organisation ready for UK fundraising?

Although UK donor trusts support charitable, developmental, educational and faith-based initiatives worldwide, raising money from these lucrative sources is not as simplistic as writing a proposal or completing their forms, attaching stipulated documents and hitting ‘send’.

Charity begins at home

Ensure that all is in order in an NPO before seeking UK funding. British donors, both individuals and trusts, will want to see as much as possible regarding local (South African) funding and other support for an organisation. They rely on local donors to scrutinise in-country organisations and demonstrate their approval by their funding.

This is why it is rare for UK trust donors to fund organisations that have not been around for at least five years and with financial statements to show their growth. In addition, British donors expect those seeking their support to maximise local funding.

They may well ask why foreign organisations are seeking money from them (as opposed to raising it locally). Be ready to respond to this. Better still, if unable to raise funds locally, proactively explain in fundraising documents why fundraising abroad is being employed.

There are many critical factors to be aware of and comply with to secure the donated pound.

For example:

  • How long has your organisation been in existance?
  • What is your funding track record?
  • What is your legal status?

Complete this brief self-test to determine your organisation’s UK trust fundraising readiness:

This article is an excerpt from Fundraising from UK Donors: A global guide to raising money from the UK by Fundraising Consultant, Jill Ritchie

Packed with resources and tips, Fundraising from UK donors, is an invaluable guide to anyone, anywhere wanting to raise money from the UK. The book covers an array of funding sources: individuals, the wealthy, trusts, bequests, events and many more. She also demystifies the requirement for a UK-based charity partner and explains Gift Aid (whereby the UK Government adds to individual donors’ gifts). Click here to purchase.

Jill Ritchie

Papillon Press

Jill Ritchie has over three decades of fundraising experience and has written 28 books, 20 on fundraising. She specialises in advising on the raising of money from the UK for organisations outside of Britain. Jill has worked with well over 1 000 non-profits and in particular, universities, in southern and South Africa.

Jill chairs the UK Fund for Charities (UKFfC) that enables UK donations worldwide  She is also the founder and chair of the SA-UK Trust Network (SA-UKTN), supporting UK fundraising for non-profits throughout sub-Saharan Africa. She serves on the boards of the Tutu Foundation, UK and iZinga Assist. Jill is also a former council member of Tshwane University of Technology, the South African National Museum and the New York based Global Sourcing Council.

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