A passion for supporting and developing people: Meet Omashani Naidoo, SchoolNet South Africa

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit
Omashani Naidoo talks to us about her journey to lead SchoolNet SA, a public benefit nonprofit company that focuses on ICT in education for teaching and learning.

News for NPOs

News in brief: 1 - 15 November

Finance Minister Godongwana gives # MTBPS2021; Dismal voter turnout at South Africa’s municipal elections; Petrol prices approach R20 per litre; Will load shedding impact matric exams?

Featured Resources

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Understanding Storytelling

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Quick tips on writing for the web

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Getting started with storytelling

Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement

How to host a webinar like a pro

Communications Resources

Managing your social media staff

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit
Social media management can be assigned to a staff member who is well-versed in your programme work and your mission, who has an understanding of social media, and who is trained in communications.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Understanding the mental health of NPOs during the Covid-19 pandemic

Survey finds alarming rates of psychological distress and risk for mental illness within nonprofit organisations Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, South African society has been put un...

Legal Considerations

'A disturbing picture'

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer
The Minister of Social Development, Ms Lindiwe Zulu, has on 03 November 2020 launched the Know Your NPO Status Campaign, which outlined ‘the process of deregistration of noncompliant NPOs’. The Dep...

Human Resources

Laws related to NPOs and volunteers working with children

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer
Many organisations in South Africa are focused on providing care to children. The provisions of the Children’s Act of 2005 are of significant importance when making use of the services of volunteer...

Tax and Financial Management

Understanding Section 18A

Ziyo | Accountants with heart, and Anna Vayanos
Depending on their activities, public benefit organisations (“PBO’s”), as well as certain institutions and Government departments, can apply to SARS for approval in terms of Section 18A of the Inco...

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