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Mental Health and Wellness Resources

More than any other recent event, the pandemic brought mental health concerns amongst those working in nonprofit sector into sharp focus, by causing a further burden on an already overwhelmed and under-resourced sector. 

Unfortunately, this stress can often lead to a variety of mental health issues, including things like burnout, compassion fatigue and mental exhaustion. The resources in this section focus on some of these issues and examine how to deal with them.

Self-care for nonprofit staff during the holiday season

Ruen Govinder
At every meeting I've attended in the past few weeks, I have encountered people who are tired, burned out, and desperately waiting for the end of the year to finally take a break. While the holiday season is often regarded as a time for joy, relaxation, and celebration, for those working in the n...

[Pre-recorded webinar] Vicarious & Secondary Trauma

Watch this recording of an NPOwersa webinar where Clinical Psychologist, Penny Mathumba, and Laura Bergh from The Greenlight Movement discuss Vicarious & Secondary Trauma. They provide practical tips and tools on how to manage staff and volunteers that are dealing with this trauma. ...

Understanding the mental health of NPOs during the Covid-19 pandemic

Survey finds alarming rates of psychological distress and risk for mental illness within nonprofit organisations Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, South African society has been put under severe strain. The exacerbation of already difficult psychological and socioeconomic conditions ...

Recognising compassion fatigue in the NPO workplace

James Sleight
Does this sound familiar? In between writing funding proposals and trying to keep the lights on at your NPO, you are working endless hours helping vulnerable communities. The struggle against the impact of generational trauma, poverty, and despair feels helpless, but if you don't try to help, who...

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