A passion for supporting and developing people: Meet Omashani Naidoo, SchoolNet South Africa

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit
Omashani Naidoo talks to us about her journey to lead SchoolNet SA, a public benefit nonprofit company that focuses on ICT in education for teaching and learning.

News for NPOs

News in brief: 1 - 15 November

Finance Minister Godongwana gives # MTBPS2021; Dismal voter turnout at South Africa’s municipal elections; Petrol prices approach R20 per litre; Will load shedding impact matric exams?

Featured Resources

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Getting started with storytelling

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Quick tips on writing for the web

Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement

How to host a webinar like a pro

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit

Understanding Storytelling

Communications Resources

Developing a basic comms plan

Ruen Govinder | Hashtag Nonprofit
Your communications plan is a simple document outlining what you’re trying to communicate, who you’re trying to communicate with, and what you would like people to do with the communication they re...

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

How to banish burnout at NPOs

Feryal Domingo | Inyathelo, The South African Institute for Advancement
It is essential that South African non-profit (NPO) and civil society employees take steps to avoid burnout if they are to continue their vital work. The sector increasingly has to deal with extrem...

Legal Considerations

Governing through a crisis

Ricardo Wyngaard | The NPO Lawyer
Boards should lead the way in equipping well-prepared organisations to navigate crises. The aviation industry offers some notable metaphoric lessons.

Human Resources

Tips for hosting virtual international interns

James Sleight | Hashtag Nonprofit
The Covid workplace has changed the way we think about office productivity. It is now clear that we have many of the tools at our disposal to manage large parts of our jobs remotely. So while Covid...

Tax and Financial Management

Top tips for preparing proposal budgets

Ziyo | Accountants with heart
 Ensure that the full, realistic costs of the project are included in the budget, including the staff and support (overhead) costs Projects are generally carried out within the cont...

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